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Attention to all nightly build users.

In the ongoing nightly build, the current dbx_mmap database driver will be finally postponed and replaced with the brand new libmdbx driver.

You will get a message on startup This database is in old format that isn't supported anymore. Press Yes to convert it to the new format or No to return back .

You need to have libmdbx driver and  Import installed, if not, an error message will pount you to the given links.

The conversion should be transparent, also the old database will be backed up. Though it seems reasonable that you make your own backup of Miranda profile before the upgrade.

Any feedback about problems with the new profile is greatly appreciated.

Just one thing, I'm not sure if there's a connection between the migration and this little bug, but today, after this migration, the icon on my Main panel has changed (I use my favourite status icon pack for all protocols and for the Main panel – all of them are unchanged but this one) to the blue Miranda logo and I'm not able to to change it back :-(.

Seems a lot of my options have disappeared : I can't right clic my contact list for the menu, and there is that "view mode" which appeared and I can't seem to get rid of.

yvesson, 'view mode' can be disabled by "Main menu -> Frames -> View modes -> View modes". Do you want to say that it doesn't work or you couldn't found it?

I don't have "frames" anymore in my menu. :/
Also the option to right clic the contact list to open the options has disappeared too ?


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