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Message filtering in IRC plugin
« on: 10 03 2018, 23:03:11 »

Is there a way to do message filtering in the IRC plugin? Either by username or content either is fine. I use Miranda to connect to a lot of very busy IRC chat rooms and it would be nice to be able to hide parts of the chat. I don't have mod powers in these chats I'm only looking to change the output on my end that I see in the group window.


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Re: Message filtering in IRC plugin
« Reply #1 on: 11 03 2018, 00:07:35 »
For content, you can filter out the "default" things like.. users leaving/joining, various misc stuff like nickname chnages / kicks / DCs and such; but there is no way to filter out messages by specific content.

Since there exists a way to highlight words that you define, I assume a mechanism does exist by which message hiding could be implemented; but I don't know about one as such.

I assume the standard filters are not sufficient?