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Suggestions for AIM replacement

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I need something to replace AIM. I only used it because my mom can handle is and I need to see when she's idle so I can do work on her PC. Facebook and MSN haven't worked and ICQ wont let me in my old account and is asking for mobile numbers for new accounts and I would rather not do that.

What do you all suggest for something that can replace AIM, that goes idle after a period of time and does not require anything with phones. Mom only has a landline.


Hmm... Jabber?

Isn't Jabber a framework or something that other services make use of?

Okay, I guess it might be but you can also create accounts for just Jabber. I created an account at


It's a protocol.

--- Quote ---The XMPP network uses a client–server architecture; clients do not talk directly to one another. The model is decentralized - anyone can run a server. By design, there is no central authoritative server as there is with services such as AOL Instant Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.
--- End quote ---

The principle is similar to email: many servers between which messages go.


--- Quote from: Keptan on 20 12 2017, 18:40:46 ---I need to see when she's idle so I can do work on her PC.
--- End quote ---
This is a client feature. Not protocol's.
If a client can detect system use and change status, you can use it. What protocol it uses is irrelevant.
I prefer Jabber(XMPP) since I can run my own Jabber server for in-company messaging as well as talk to the world using the same company account.


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