Author Topic: send screenshot+ and ftp file ym always use and crash  (Read 2787 times)

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I'd like to use my own local ftp to share screenshot made with sendss. When I share a file with ftp file ym alone it get sent no problem. When I use sendSS and just save the screenshot I can find it in my profile directory.

The problem arise when I try to send the screenshot with ftp. It seem to rename it to Whenever I use "file" tab and browse to a file or "window" tab and take an actual screenshot I get the "SendSS - Error : An unknown error has occured" and does nothing else. If I upload a file it make the same error put actually upload the file on the ftp but rename it "" then send the url to my interlocutor.

I did try many FTP and SendSS and File Transfer setup but nothing give. Does anybody made it work ? Regards.