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Receiving forum e-mails in russian language

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Hi, recently I'm receiving forum e-mails (e.g. just now, when someone wrote me PM) in russian language. I don't know if it started happening after I've got higher access rights from watcher, or whether it is related to other change. In my profile I have prefered language set to "czech", so where could be the problem? How to fix it?

I receive message from you in Czech

--- Quote ---Právě jste dostal soukromou zprávu od uživatele Robyer z fóra Miranda NG Official Community Forum. DŮLEŽITÉ: Toto je pouze upozornění, proto neodpovídejte na tento email. Zpráva, kterou Vám poslal následuje:
--- End quote ---

And I've got higher access rights from watcher too.

dartraiden, hmm, that sounds like some forum bug. When *recepient* gets email in language of *sender* and vice-versa...

Who can do something about this? Goraf? Kxepal?

And for this topic notification on the Czech :D

Yeah, and I've got it in russian  ???


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