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Sound: Incoming (minimized window)
« on: 31 01 2017, 16:55:36 »

I'd like to request to split event sound for "Incoming (unfocused window)" into "Incoming (unfocused open window)" and "Incoming (minimized window)". The reason is sometimes I receive a lot of messages while watching movies and I'd like to be able to shut it up without going offline or anything. Only setting sound for "new session" is not a good solution, because then I can miss new messages when I actually want to attend to them immediately.

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Re: Sound: Incoming (minimized window)
« Reply #1 on: 31 01 2017, 22:49:53 »
Zyl, I recomment rather this:

1) With some plugin (I think NewXStatusNotify or ZeroNotify) you can disable sounds when having particular status (for example DND)
2) In Idle / Away settings (or maybe with plugin Advanced Auto Away or similar) you can change status when you are in fullscreen mode (i.e. watching movie, playing game..)

And I just see that without plugins you can set in Options / Status / Idle:  "Become idle if application full screen" + "Disable sounds on idle" which is basically what I wrote above, just without changing status.
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