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New user of Miranda NG, I tried to install a new skin. I have not seen instructions on the website.

I do not know how to do it and asks for your help. Thank you in advance.

1/ I'm going to this page:
2/ At the Miranda installation, I selected: - Modern contact list ,and  TabSRMM
3/ I clicked on these sections of this page, and downloaded it.
4/ Then I unzipped the file in, the Miranda installation folder to: C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\Skins\
5/ I closed Miranda completely, and I opened again
6/ In the settings of Miranda, to "Skins": No new skins are displayed (even after updating)

I also tried in this folder : C:\Users\User name\AppData\Roaming\Miranda NG\

I can not install skins. I do not know how to install new Smileys in Miranda.
Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome :)

Few tips / info:
1) You usually don't have to exit and restart Miranda to apply new skins/smileys/...
2) It is important to extract the skin files into correct folder. Usually it's <Miranda root>/Skins/<type>/ , where type could be "Modern contact list" for Clist_modern (as seen on Wiki page)... and I'm not sure about TabSRMM, because on wiki it says <Miranda root>/TabSRMM/Skins

Anyway, when you open Options/Skins/* then on subpages there should be mentioned the path, where Miranda expects the skins files.
But the most simple way is to use Folders plugin, where you can customize the folders or just see exactly to what folder you should put your skin files.

3) I think Smileys you can put anywhere, because you always set the path manually in Options / Customize / Smileys for each smiley category separately...

 :) Thank you very much for your answer. I will try again. I would inform you of my success. Thanks again !

Successful installation: Skin for "Message Window" and "Contact List" + Smiley

For beginners in computer science, I will detail "how to install a skin?" (For the default installation Miranda NG)

1/ Skin Contact List :
1) Create a folder : "Modern contact list" to C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\Skins\ .
2) In this section themes\Modern contact list, download the skins: (FR
3) Unpack the skin archive to:C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\Skins\Modern contact list
(Invisible skin after installation and update(rescan) : If there is too much parent folder in the archive, move the files and the skin folder to the first parent folder)
4) In the settings, to "Skins" and "Contact List": click on "Rescan" (Normally you need to see all the skins)

2/ Skin Message Window ( Or the conversation window)
1) normally the folder is created. (Otherwise create the "TabSRMM" folder) to C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\Skins\TabSRMM
2) In this section "themes>TabSRMM", download the skins:
3) Unpack the skin archive to: C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\Skins\TabSRMM
4) In the settings, to "Skins" and "Message Window": click on "Rescan" (Normally you need to see all the skins)
5) select the skin . You can activate "Load this skin at startup"

 :-\ When you know, it's not complicated! (But should it be known)

for smiley
Previously, create a folder "Smileys" to C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\
Extract the archive to C:\Program Files\Miranda NG\Smileys
(download to )

1 / In the "Contact list" window, in the menu, click on "Show complete list of plugins"
2 / a window opens with the list of plugins available to install
3 / (you can choose to install another language, French is included) search for "Smileyadd.dll" and install it
4 / Restart Miranda (Close Miranda NG completely and open again)
5 / Now you can go to "smileys" (in settings, and appearance) and choose a smiley pack

I also selected the plugins to install:
- History++ (historypp.dll) : For a single day, you can see all your messages at a glance. (All your conversations)
- Spell checker (spellchecker.dll): To correct spelling
- StartupStatus (startupstatus.dll): Allows to connect automatically to the opening of Miranda (configurable by protocol)
- xStatus notify (NewXstatusNotify.dll + Tipper.dll) : to have a notification of change in status of contacts
- NewEventNotify (NewEventNotify.dll)(+ Popup.dll, Toaster.dll for Win 8, 8.1 and 10) :Notifies you when you receive a message, URL, file or any other event by displaying a popup.  (for Windows XP, Vista, 7 : YAPP.dll  /not Toaster.dll)

I have not found a plugin to translate the received messages into another language (directly in Miranda)
However I found this excellent software that will translate directly into the writing area (sending the message) in Miranda. To translate the received messages, open the "history" otherwise the translation bubble will not be displayed. translation services are supported: Google Translate,Bing Translator,Promt, Babylon, SDL, Yandex.Translate, youdao,Baidu.

QTranslate - Home


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