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Is there any chance we could get a hotkey for Miranda that will toggle hide/unhide for all groups? (Turned off by default.) (Might also be useful to some people to have a hotkey to toggle online/offline users too.)

I use Clist Classic and like to keep my contact list sorted into 3-4 small groups of 5-8 people that I frequently talk to based on where I know them from. When i want to talk to someone who is inside of a collapsed group, i have to scan through a bunch of different nested folders to find them. This starts to feel a bit slow and clunky when you have ~25 groups and ~175 contacts and dont always remember where each one is.

Normally how I find users is that I keep my most important contacts in open groups, and then I just type their name and hit enter. This goes right to them and allows me to easily open a chat window to them, working exactly how I'd want it to. (This is with "Quick search in open groups only" enabled.) When I want to search for someone on my contact list but cant remember what group they are in, the only way to do that is to [Right Click Empty Space > Disable Groups > Type Name > Open Message > Right Click Empty Space, Enable Groups.] This process is somewhat tedious as well. If there was an option to disable hotkeys it would be as simple as pressing the hotkey, and typing the name. No need to even take hands off the keyboard between searching and opening the message. Then its a simple hotkey to change the group display back to normal again when done.

Reason for not using "Quick search in open groups only" option:
The quick search that includes closed groups will often open a new group of people for every letter that you type. If i type "Josh" it opens the first group of someone who has "J" in their name, and then often opens another group with someone who has "Jo" in their name. By the time i find "Josh" ive now got multiple groups open which i will have to close later (ones with Jake, Joey, and Josh). Which then clutters up my list and makes it harder to see who is online in my important groups until I put everything back the way it was.

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Re: Hotkey to toggle hide and unhide contact list groups.
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I would recommend you to use Quick Search plugin,

On hotkey it will show you new window with list of contacts where you can search quickly and easily.
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