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--- Quote from: Wishmaster on 13 11 2016, 11:00:21 ---It's possible, Use Smiley*= iinstead of Smiley=
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Wow, you really match your nickname ;D
Thanks for the tip, i'll use it for sure.

at home it works good. But in work it's strange.
Some basic smileys is showing, but more of it doesn't show only give new line instead of icons.
This is in tabs and pop ups. In history are smileys showing properly.
I tried change settings but doesn't find solution.

Some ideas?

šegi, see

Hi. I have built an actual version of Facebook smileypack. If anybody interested, I have found almost all of the needed data in this js script (well, maybe not exactly in this one, but in some of its numerous duplicates in facebook website resources). All except a full list of supported emoticon codes (not to be confused with the emoji codes). I have found most of them in the script in "EmoticonsList" section, but this list is intended for the main website, and some codes work incorrectly in the messenger, some don't work at all, and there are missed some codes that work in the messenger, so I just took the missing emoticon codes from Robyer's pack (thank you man, I wonder where did you find them :) ).

Facebook emojipack 2.2.1 (the version corresponds the facebook emoji set version which is specified on Emojipedia).

As you may know, Facebook Messenger previously had its own emoji set which differed from the website (you can see it in Robyer's smileypack), but it was discontinued a year ago, so the emoji designs are the same as on the main website now.

I have included 16px and 32px emoji icons like Robyer did because these sizes are used in the web version of the Messenger by default, but Facebook actually stores icons in 24 resolutions (27 with repeating 1.5 versions): 16 ,18, 20, 24, 27, 28, 30, 32, 36, 42, 45, 48, 56, 64, 72, 84, 96, 108, 112, 128, 144, 168, 192 and 256 px. Please tell if you need any other sizes, and I will include them to the pack. It's kinda tricky to get them all from the website, but I can try. I can also make an online version (with direct links to icons on facebook website instead of preloaded icons) if anybody needs it.

All currently supported emojis are included.
Even annoying skin tones. I didn't sort them - just gathered togeather in a separate section (they are hidden from the selection menu, but you can unhide them by removing "*" symbol from "Smiley*").

Also note that Facebook has some bugs, and some emojis may work incorrectly on diferent platforms. For example, web messenger doesn't support "Flag for Englang" emoji and show "Police Officer" emoji as a woman version (it should be a man by default), while android messenger shows them correctly, but it doesn't support gender-specified emojis like "Woman Police Officer", and so on. Hope they will fix them with the next major emoji update (wich will happen soon I guess, because I have noticed some changes on the website while making this pack).

And pay attention to the "Regional Indicator Symbols" section (right after the flags section). These symbols which look like letters are intended to be used to form emoji flag sequences, but I have made a little tweak - added a zero-width space to these symbols for outcoming messages to avoid forming flags, so you can compose and send funny texts using them :)

small update:
20x20 resolution is included. I did't download it from FB - just downsized 32x32 version, but it looks good. Btw, if you need to downsize icons, you can easily do it yourself using Easy Image Modifier.

Have just finished a new version  :)

Facebook emojipack 3.0

   - Emojis from Unicode/Emoji 11.0 are added.
   - Major graphical redisign.

More about this update

Available in 16, 20, 24, 32, 42 and 48 px sizes.
This time I have included even:
 - unused/duplicate icons - just to see that they exist, maybe will be useful for future updates (they are commented out with ";")
 - removed emojis (skin tone variations - hidden)
 - extended Facebook website-only hidden emoticons "Pacman" and "Colon Three" - they don't work in the messenger, but someone can send a post contatining these emoticons from the website to the messenger, and perhaps you would like to see them. Uncomment them by removing ";" if you want (they are at the end of the script). Website version of the "Like" emoticon is also included (you will need to comment out messenger version of this icon and uncomment this one to use it).

I have also provided description for hidden emojis in the last section (Other) - guess someone would like to see what is there if he wants to unhide it.

Please tell if you find any bugs.

BTW, maybe someone will find it interesting - I have figured out that Facebook still stores icons of all of its previous emoji desings. One symbol in a link stands for it -1.0 design - 2.0 design - 3.0 design - old messenger design
There is also letter "e" which stands for "extended", but there are only three icons in this category ("pacman", "colon three" and "like").


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