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Hello guys,
I tried searching the forum,but couldn't find any topic on this.
I recently updated from the old MIranda to NG and now I'm missing something.There was (or maybe there still is) a plugin which with certain key combination pastes the currently plaiyng song from winamp.But now I can't find such function.Is there some plugin that does this,or am I missing it (or it might be not configured correctly)?I'll be thankfull for any help.


Thanks for that.
I tryed Listeningto but I can't find a way to paste current playing song inside a message,or anywhere else.On the old MIranda-im there was a plugin that allowed me to paste the song even outside Miranda (like in Facebook,Skype,Viber,e.t.c.

I think WATrack can do it

Well if it can, I can't find how.So that was why I'm looking here for advice.

P.S.: Hmmmmm now I looked into WAtrack options and there is one saying "If this option is ON, you can paste music info to your message window using hotkey".But I can't find what is the hotkey or how to set it.


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