Author Topic: Crashes after resuming from stand-by or reconnect  (Read 2862 times)

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Crashes after resuming from stand-by or reconnect
« on: 28 07 2016, 09:28:16 »

I've been using dev. version for a long time now. Since 05.05.2016 I've had lot of Miranda crashes but only when resuming from stand-by or when my Internet reconnects and Miranda is resuming protocols back to online. There's been gaps in this period when errors didn't occur - you'll see them in logs archive. Unfortunately recently they appear almost daily and that's very inconvenient. As I can see all crashes apply to plugin: Modern contact list.

Can you please look at the logs and advice something? Before 05.05.2016 I had no problems at all and nothing changed in the profile during that time.

PS. I don't know if .mdmp dumps contain any private data. If no I could attach them too.