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Offline riki

Frequent crashes
« on: 13 06 2016, 12:02:47 »
recently Miranda crashes often. Sometimes it happens right when starting it, sometimes it happens suddenly with no apparent motive. Can someone suggest a solution? Here is my crash report and

I have another question related to this crash. With these crashes, I lost several messages that never ended up in the history, although I did read and write them in Miranda. Can I get them back from Facebook in some way? History integrity is the main reason I'm using Miranda these days.

Thanks, as usual, for any help you can provide!

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Re: Frequent crashes
« Reply #1 on: 14 06 2016, 10:48:52 »
Crash should be fixed in the next release, please test.

Offline riki

Re: Frequent crashes
« Reply #2 on: 14 06 2016, 11:40:49 »
Thanks for your reply!   :THUMBS UP:

I just updated Miranda. If I still notice unexplainable crashes, I'll follow up here. Otherwise, I'll keep silent to maintain a better S/N ratio.