Author Topic: Facebook - Disable captcha ?  (Read 3622 times)

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Facebook - Disable captcha ?
« on: 24 08 2015, 06:45:23 »
Well first my facebook ng stopped working (login error). Found somewhere to delete in database DeviceID and it's worked. But since then when i try to chat any link i get captcha ... Even on facebook recently in chat i got some weird "select tiger picture" captcha and stuff...

Can this sh*t be disabled ? Thanks
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Re: Disable captcha ?
« Reply #1 on: 25 08 2015, 08:36:26 »
Happened to me as well. I'm not sure it's miranda's fault, but these captchas really are a nuisance.

Maybe not posting links for a while will stop this problem

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Re: Disable captcha ?
« Reply #2 on: 25 08 2015, 18:46:39 »
Probably Facebook just changed format of some communication requests and because plugin is using old ones, Facebook thinks it is spambot so it gives captcha challenges...

Happened to me too. I'll try to look at it when I'll have some more time.
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