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Plugin Area Option Rewamped!
« on: 28 07 2015, 08:14:11 »
Looking At The Options > Plugin Area I've Thought About These Features That It Will Be Nice To Have:

1- A New Column "Date"

2- A New Column "New" (actual plugin version number available to install)
    And Maybe With Mouse Over It Can Show What's Updated Regarding The Actual Installed Version

3- Sortable Column Title (so i can sort by date for example and see what's new)

4- Ability So See All The Plugins Even The Not Installed / Experimental / Beta
    So I Can Decide To Use New One For Example I've Found Whatsapp Plugin Yesterday!

5- Direct Download And Install Of The Plugins (maybe without restarting miranda)

6- Save Actual Plugins Configurations As A List/File As A Backup To Import Later

7- Safe Mode / Test Mode Restart/Start
    So If A Crash Occur When I've Just Enabled A New Plugin I Can Revert Back The Changes...

What Do You Think About? ...I've Divided In Point So You Can Talk About The Specific Ideas Or Add New Ones

Thanks And Keep Up!


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Re: Plugin Area Option Rewamped!
« Reply #1 on: 28 07 2015, 11:55:42 »
Well, for updating existing addons and installing new addons, please use PluginUpdater. It can do some of the things you requested , but not all.
And no, I don't like the idea to put it into "Plugin" options.

And actually CrashDumper Can export a list of plugins.
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