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Forum rules
« on: 20 07 2015, 18:48:21 »
If you have encountered some problem using Miranda NG:
1. Search the forum – your problem might have been discussed already.

2. Try to update the core and all your plugins with the help of PluginUpdater (see the howto here) – this often solves problems automatically. Mind that questions about old Miranda NG versions are likely to be left without an answer. Questions about Miranda IM won't be answered either – sorry, we do not develop it anymore nor support its users.

3. Some recommendations:
  • Make sure you have no 64-bit plugins in a 32-bit Miranda installation and vice versa; if the core is 32-bit ALL your plugins must be 32-bit as well (the same goes for 64-bit core).
  • If you use a nightly (development version, latest build), make sure that all your plugins are also of the latest build (use PluginUpdater's "Check for updates" main menu item).

4. If you had no luck on stages 1-3, open GitHub issue (preferable) or start a new thread:
  • In the relevant forum section.
  • Supply it with a clear title (it is better when the title gives an idea about the issue).
  • When describing the problem give as many details as you can; screenshots are welcome.

5. It is highly desirable that you provide your VersionInfo. If you have CrashDumper installed, use "Version Information -> Copy to clipboard" in the main menu.
  • please Do not modify the report; your OS type, IE version or Miranda paths might also be helpful.
  • Add VersionInfo to your post using Spoiler tag. CrashDumper generates report with this tag. Please do not remove it.

    Version Information report here
Code: [Select]
[spoiler=VersionInfo]Version Information report here[/spoiler]
6. Crashes and connectivity issues:
  • If Miranda crashes (hangs up) provide crash report; please take your time to create a useful one, crash reports without debug symbols will be ignored.
  • If you are experiencing connectivity issues provide network log (netlog).

7. If a report or netlog is too long to be included in your message, upload it e.g., to and give a link to the forum.

Common mistakes (try to avoid them):
  • Meaningless titles like "Help me", "A problem with Miranda", etc. Those titles will be corrected to more suitable (in moderator's opinion).
  • Providing Miranda pack name instead of VersionInfo. It is not enough, you will be asked for your VersionInfo anyway; Miranda pack name doesn't give any information about plugins you have.
  • Flood, spam, flame, and advertising in all their forms are not acceptable and will be deleted.
Пожалуйста, внимательно прочтите правила постинга перед тем, как открыть новую тему.
Please read forum rules.