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@dartraiden ,

Yeah, that's the one. It doesn't even have to be inactivity, it just randomly happens sometimes. There was no specific outage on Discord on that day I think - I only found this which is incidentally the same day as the day the issue happened, but I don't know if it's actually related or not.

It's definitely no fun.

What I did is I took out all the parts where miranda can delete a channel/server from the code for now.

I honestly don't use miranda for such stuff, instead I just login to the official client and do stuff there and then go back to miranda. I use miranda for day to day chatting and history preservation.

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Re: Discord protocol
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Discord development is stopped due to

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Re: Discord protocol
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Discord returned to the repo and adapted to work with the actual Miranda core.

Only for those who want to build it themselves. We do not plan to include it in automatic builds, add new features, etc.
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