Author Topic: How exactly do Facebooks "News Feeds" and "History Sync" work ?  (Read 1226 times)

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i have enabled "news feeds" and both "history sync" options but nothing happens when i launch miranda.
what exactly should happen when somebody posts to the news feed and when it syncs the history?
also when i hit the "preview" button on "events" nothing happens. what should happen ?

i have many plugins disabled:

do i need any or some of them for both functions?
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nobody can explain me?
i cant get any of both functions to display anything even when all plugins are enabled!
what must i do or where can i find a manual/howto ?
and what must happen when the functions are active ?
example screenshot ?

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Do you have popup plugin?

I checked what are you asking about and saw some popups.
Without popup plugin you will see nothing. ;)

Maybe whole Version Info can help here. :)

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