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This topic is dedicated to SkypeWeb protocol development and alpha-testing.

Please do not edit your messages in this topic, instead just write a new message, this way developer will be notified be e-mail that something new has happened here.

on first going online i get old history but it looks crazy, see spoiler
1. only message from today 21:38:59 is written by my self and im sure all others is from call over skype
2. i think it doesn't check accountname and nickname are different (Anschy is nickname from contact and flx is my own. an... is accountname from contact and hello.... is mine)
3. if sync history didn't more have there bugs, can we sync more than 100 messages or is this limited?

edit: looks that now fixed with SkypeWeb.dll v.

Some editing+history syncing issues:

1) Multiple edit of the same message:
Only one message edit is recognized as an edit; edit attempts 2+ are shown as a completely new message. Example:

Original message: A
Edited to-> B

In miranda:
Edited at [2015-04-21T08:39:20.795Z]:

->the same message gets edited from B to C

In miranda, it appears as a new message "C"

->the same message gets edited from C to D

In Miranda, it appears as a new message "D"

Fixed in r13014/

2) Only the original message shows up in history sync when someone sends an offline message. Edit is lost completely. Example:

Originator sends "A", but after sending, edits it to "B"

Miranda receives "A" and no mention of B.

3) None of the synced-up messages show as new messages, i.e. unless you know that someone sent you a message, you won't know you received any new ones whilst you were offline.

Hi there, some findings:
- I can see contacts that are in "invisible" status
- receiving messages with some characters remains in "htlm format" (I can read ''' or '"'...)
- global status not supported sets skype statis to 'online' (NA, Occupied, Free for chat, on the phone, out to lunch)

i used SkypeClassic and made to Dummy protocol before i heard from SkypeWeb
now under quick search contacts from Dummy protocol and SkypeWeb show me that there from account SkypeClassic but on chat window same contact show me SkypeWeb...
Can't add Dummy Contact to metacontact, because i get message: Could not get unique ID of contact.


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