Author Topic: How to Copy all contacts from Miranda to Miranda NG?  (Read 3761 times)

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I am considering to migrate from Miranda to Miranda NG.
However I prefer to use a while both tools in parallel.

The first step would be (after installing NG into a separate folder) to copy all existing Miranda contacts to Miranda NG.

As far as I know there is a Migration Plugin. However this tool seems to CONVERT completely an existing Miranda installation into a Miranda NG installation.

I don't want a conversion.

I simply need a copy contact feature (if possible with settings copy).

How can I achieve this?

Can I simply create a new folder .\Profiles\myprof123\ in Miranda NG installation folder and copy the existing myprof123.dat
into it? In other words: Are the *.dat files compatible?

If not: How else does it work?

Is there a way to copy existing settings similarly?

Thank you


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Re: How to Copy all contacts from Miranda to Miranda NG?
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Create a fresh Miranda NG set up with all the plugins that you like, then you should create empty profile on Miranda NG and then perform import from your Miranda IM without even creating any accounts on NG (this way new and improved Miranda NG import will transfer your accounts including logins and passwords in 2 clicks).

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Or - if you keep the profile folder inside main Miranda IM folder and not in AppData - you can just make a copy of your Miranda IM setup and then use the migration plugin.

Both ways would work - choose the one you prefer.
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