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I've been using Miranda and now Miranda NG to access IRC servers for years, it's probably the best/least ugly client under windows.
There are some settings I think should be different by default, most importantly
- max size for log files (message sessions - group chats - tab: log formatting) much higher or infinite A large (~100-200 users) channel can easily reach the 10MB (can't set it higher, resets :/) mark in less than a week.
Edit: apparently that's already possible by setting the max size to 0kB.
- network - *server name* - tab: ignore -- ignore users checked by default. If I don't want to ignore anyone then I'll... do just that. There's no reason to deactivate a feature by default that doesn't do anything before you start using it (assuming you took the time to check the default settings for nonsense like this and switched it one, otherwise /ignore will of course not work) anyways.
- network - server - advanced - utf8 autodetection. idk what this really does but I'd kinda feel better if it was on by default.
- network - server - stuff like quit messages, user info: would be nice to be able to (optionally) set them uniformly instead of individually for each server.
- Skins: Having fine control like setting the skin for each field, frame or whatever these are called individually is nice, but an option to set one background pic/skin that stretches over all of them would, for some people, be more convenient
- there should be an alternative version where default text is green fixed width font on black background. this would cater to various geeks who endure ugly, maldesigned clients like xchat as long as it makes them feel like they're browsing through the fucking matrix.

Thanks for reading that far, let me know what you think about my ideas.
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