Author Topic: Bountysource for donating to developers for implementing chosen issues/requests  (Read 2731 times)

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Offline Robyer

I just read new post on diaspora* blog that they're using Bountysource for sponsoring development of some issues.

It seems interesting, read it here:

Bountysource is a commercial platform that aims to unite users with developers, allowing users to directly sponsor development of issues they feel are important. While money is certainly not a determining factor for most open-source developers, it is something that everybody needs and thus could encourage a developer to implement code they might otherwise not have chosen to spend time on. It's also a sign to developers that a particular feature is really important to members of the wider community, because they are willing to put up money to see the feature created.

Maybe we could use it here in Miranda NG too?  ???

Bountysource website
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Offline Testertime

Sounds interesting :) Especially because they are saying at their FAQ "TL;DR No fees on spending or earning. 10% fee to withdraw." I wish I could contribute by myself to this project, but, coders aren't very common. But people willing to donate aren't rare, so this is a good idea.

Offline Vulpix

I already used a VulpixSource(tm) bounty :D for Tox, lol.