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ICQ 7.X history to miranda NG
« on: 14 10 2014, 20:56:34 »
Hi, im sorry for another thread about problem with probably easy solution.

Im migrating one person from icq 7 to miranda-ng, contacts loaded from server list (not sure if all, havent checked yet), but i want import history from icq to miranda. The only possible way i found, is using "ICQ history converter" which export single csv, txt, html or qip file per contact from icq "Messages.qdb" that stores icq history. I've tried lots of options, the only working one is export to QIP file, and import as QIP file, from History++ it looks ok, but for some reason, when i open message window (tabsrmm - last 10 history events loading) instead of partner nickname i see "<undef>". New entries of history are ok, and loading as they should. Is it ok, or is there better way to import history from ICQ 7 to miranda ng?

Thx very much for any help.

solution to this, that worked fine after all
ICQ Lite 7.X history (Messages.qdb) -> ICQ history converter -> QIP Infium DB -> ImportTXT plugin
it was kinda long process, so be patient.
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