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Auto-accept file transfers is dangerous
« on: 22 09 2014, 18:17:03 »

I actually always had this issue with Miranda, and I disabled auto-accept filetransfers because of it; but recently someone wanted to send me a ton of files via tox so I re-enabled it and I remembered what the reason for disabling it was.

If you're typing while someone starts sending you a message (and you're a fast typer), then the dialogue to accept a file _still_ pops up even when you have autoaccept on.

Due to the way keys and spacebar work, you can end up potentially doing something bad to your miranda.

Last time, I was typing, and then autoaccept accepted a file and (I have no idea how), I managed to select "remove all histories for this contact". Luckily it asked me if I'm sure and I stopped typing by then.

So what I'm asking is:

Is it possible to make the auto-accept start the actual transfer in the transfers window without ever showing the "select destination" file popup? Because someone could potentially overwrite something or (like me) almost delete their contact histories.

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Re: Auto-accept file transfers is dangerous
« Reply #1 on: 23 09 2014, 04:15:03 »
I have always had auto accept on, and it's mainly because I hardly ever get any filetransfers. But, I have a pre-selected destination folder for incoming files, auto-accepts is ticked, minimize is ticked, close window is ticked, as well as (at bottom) Rename (append "(1)", etc.) so if it sends a file that already has the name, it will append "(1)" to it.
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Re: Auto-accept file transfers is dangerous
« Reply #2 on: 23 09 2014, 05:47:06 »
Same here. The dialogue that asks about destination is still shown though, probably just for a split second. I type very fast and I often run into this issue.