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Getting rid of Skype completely - converting histories to metacontacts

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For people who want to completely get rid of skype (I have uninstalled it but I have to keep the database file for chat logs, to use with "Skyperious" (A program that lets me read/export/search through skype db without the need to have skype turned on) ).

I doubt any of the programmers here have time to create an importer that can read the skype database file; and I don't even think it's that necessary as there is a tool that can do something similar.

I'm just curious what you think would be the best approach.

I would like to - somehow - be able to import a history for each of my contacts from skype so that I finally have one actual database. I've pretty much migrated everyone to Tox (or Steam) and those two protocols are all I need.

I can get the data into various forms of xml / csv / txt / whatever really. I'll have a timestamp, the person chatting and the message body.

I don't mind not being able to import group chats as I never did any group chats anyway.

I don't mind not being able to import for example "calls" as actual special event; the message body for a call looks like this : [Call]_x000D_ - which is fine with me.

Any tips, ideas, etc?

Well you can use ImportTXT plugin that have templates for various input formats. Or you can write your own template if you have that data in some special format.

I tried the ImportTXT plugin and yeah, there is no template for this format; nor is there a guide on how to write one from what I could find.

Looking at the ini files, I guess it could work if I experiment a little.

The only issue is that ImportTXT won't work on the x64 version of miranda, nor will it work with the miranda alpha. I'm not sure it's safe to use my profile (temporarily) with the latest stable x86 miranda for the purposes of import.

Why it won't work with development version of Miranda?


You're right; for some reason, it wouldn't work with the pcre3 file that I was using before even though the timestamps are the same.

So, as for x32 / x64, is it safe to temporarily use my profile with an x32 version of Miranda?


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