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Current state of Tox protocol in Miranda
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This topic has been deprecated; Tox protocol is fully supported.

Any potential bugs should be logged on miranda NG github repo:

Tox protocol: Current state of support in Miranda as of 16.6.2016

This is an official "what works/doesn't work" list in Miranda.

Below is the current state of Tox protocol support in Miranda.

When testing client interoperability, it is tested against uTox (latest version) + qTox (latest version) windows client.

Please note this list is tox-specific, meaning that various other miranda functions that are generic for miranda itself are not included in the list (such as renaming a contact or storing message history)

Colour code:
Implemented / Working
Partially implemented / Partially working
Not implemented / Not working
Needs to be re-tested

Core features:
Creating a profile
Importing a profile - Importing existing tox profile - will act as if imported correctly but behaves the same as if you had just created a new tox profile (encrypted one probably also not working but unable to test)
Listing own Tox ID (and copying it)
Accepting contact requests
Changing own nickname - works, but you have to change it when you're connected. If you set it up initially (for example when creating an account) and then connect, it will be set back to empty (=your toxid)
Changing own status (online, away, DND)
Adding a contact using Tox ID
Adding a buddy using - it will properly list the tox id in netlog, but something with the addition goes wrong.
Their nick will be listed as the first letter, the auth request will not be sent and log looks like this:
[19:49:48 1588] [Toxanda] CToxProto::OnRequestAuth: failed to request auth(6)

Enable/Disable TCP-only mode - won't connect at all in TCP mode
Enable/Disable IPv6 support will test when TCP is fixed
Proxy support - requires TCP mode to work!
Update bootstrap node list (uses
File transfers - overall
- sending / receiving
- cancellation on sender side of the transfer (file not locked afterwards, can be deleted easily and retransferred)
- resuming a cancelled transfer - starts at the beginning of the file regardless of how much was transferred, resulting file damaged - appended to what was already transferred)
- pausing - not in miranda - but if the sender client supports pausing (such as qtox/utox) miranda will work properly and wait for file to be unpaused. Resulting file undamaged.

Profile encryption
Group chats - (will be coming when new group chats are merged)

"Quality of Life" features:

See contact's status message
Protocol icons implemented (tox "padlock")
Typing notification
Set own status message/see contact's status message - works, but only after connected. If you're connecting with a status message, it will be blank.
See contact's avatar
Set own avatar
/me actions
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