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For a few days, i'm trying to convert my actually used skin to HiDPI. I searched something in Internet about converting images to HiDPI but for sure i done sth wrong.
So, just I like read on some websites,  i copied in Photoshop source images to new project file with DPI 400 instead of 72. Next, i saved them in same image format like original file in destination folder. Finally, i refreshed skin in Miranda and hoped it will work, but it didn't.
For information, i'm using bunnyhoney skin, where all elements are in one file called "Sprites".
Anyone have some idea about this problem?

what exactly are you trying to do?

Also: the higher the DPI the smaller the picture... you can't just increase the DPI inside an image and get higher quality... the image will just be smaller with higher DPI :P And resampling the image might even be worse

Exactly, i'm trying to make my Miranda not blury on HiDPI screen.
If making image HiDPI makes it smaller, then why icons for HiDPI screens aren't made bigger (because i understand, that's your point), but only made in different way?

they are actually bigger^^ I hope you know how huge 1136×640 pixels is on a PC... well that it the size of an iPhone 5 screen.
So a 16×16 icon would be like 4×4 on a PC (guess.. might be a bit larger)

Yes, they are, but also they have higher DPI then normal image. I can also agree that iPhone 've got that resolution and because of that it has so high PPI. Anyways, it makes somehow sense that images for skin have to be bigger BUT, there have to be scaling for them too - to have good proportions on screen. So next question, how to do that propperly?


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