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Tox protocol

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This topic is dedicated to Tox protocol development and beta-testing.

When creating new Tox account you can use Tox profile from another Tox client (see the screenshot) to import your existing friend list:

If you choose not to import old Tox profile - press "Create" button to create a new one.

Current state of Tox protocol in Miranda


Is there a Visual C++ Redist requirement for this? (looks like the 2010 one)

I cannot load the plugin, it says (when starting miranda):

Black Sniper:
Similarly. Please share a file. Or can you say that you need to reinstall?
Аналогично. Поделитесь пожалуйста файликом.
Или может, скажете что нужно переустановить?
Win7 x64

It's just a debug builds, i will rebuild it as release in a short while.

Done, please re-download.


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