Author Topic: mRadio - how it works?  (Read 3138 times)

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mRadio - how it works?
« on: 21 06 2014, 19:40:49 »
Well, I'm newbie on this totally. :D I don't know what exactly I need to fill in order to get the radio station working.
There is a place where it says "Station URL (required)", but I'm not sure what exactly I need to write there. Where do I find those URLs?

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Re: mRadio - how it works?
« Reply #1 on: 22 06 2014, 05:05:01 »
slightly hard to answer. if people uses miranda packs with this plugin, ithey have radiostation list usually in profile database or in Radio.ini file. if INI-file presents, radio station can be added through Contact Add service (toolbar button or menu item). If no any station or ini-file, need to ad stations manually through option dialog, yes. But previously, need to get proper link to it. IT can be found on online-radiostations sites or sometime even through google search. But usually, station sites have playlist links. That links must be used.