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Disable smooth scrolling in TabSRMM
« on: 22 04 2014, 04:38:26 »

I'm using Miranda-NG for Facebook chat to spare some memory (shame on modern software technology: when I'm chatting with friends, Google Chrome bloats 130 MB). Its features are great and customizable as hell, so I'm really satisfied with it. :)

One thing that is annoying me for a long time. When I chat using TabSRMM, I sometimes scroll back to check past messages of a contact I’m talking to. When I do this it scrolls really slowly by the mouse wheel. It looks like smooth scrolling is constantly turned on, but it’s disabled system wide. One “workaround” is to hold down the Shift key, then it will scroll much bigger amount of lines (whole page) without the annoying animation. I would like to make non-smooth scrolling the natural behavior of the chat message log window.

This may not be a fully Miranda-related problem. This problem also exists in applications that use riched20.dll, like Wordpad and Total Commander Lister (for RTF documents). I checked the interface of riched20.dll. Although I'm not an expert of the Windows API, I think there is something to do with (the wrong setting of?) ScrollDelay, ScrollInterval and WheelScrollLines.

I’m using Windows XP SP3 (no, I don’t want to switch to Windows 7 or 8 and I have my good reasons for that).
Version of riched20.dll:
Version of Miranda NG: 0.94.9 final build #8010 (32-bit)

Any good ideas are appreciated. :)

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