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Fine tuning my TabSRMM template
« on: 24 04 2014, 20:21:29 »

Having read the Miranda Wiki, I have created a Message Log template set for TabSRMM. I would like to fine-tune it, but I have run out of ideas.


Code: [Select]
Group In
%H2%fm%c4» %cd(%y-%o-%d %h:%m) %N%n%fm%c1○ %M

Group Out
%H3%fm%c4« %cd(%y-%o-%d %h:%m) %N%n%fm%c0○ %M

Group In (Inner)
%fm%c1○ %M

Group Out (Outer)
%fm%c0○ %M

0 = RGB(31, 52, 124)
1 = RGB(23, 74, 132)
2 = RGB(0, 16, 48)
3 = RGB(0, 0, 32)

Furthermore, the option Draw grid lines is turned on in Message log tab of Message Sessions.Message log options (point: Grid lines

HOW IT LOOKS NOW while having a conversation

I used Photoshop to manipulate the first screenshot to show how I want my TabSRMM to look.


So there should be a half-line-high vertical distance after every block written by a mesage participant. As you can see, messages from the same participant are grouped together, but I also want half a line distance only to the end of the post (either the last message type is Start or Inner).

How do you think I could make my template look like as shown on the second picture?

Thanks in advance ^^
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