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Excellent plugin .. I use it exclusively for chat on facebook, and rarely ever visit the website itself.

Just recently however, during a time of high bandwidth usage, (by someone else in the house) , the plugin failed to retrieve several new messages. Within the 5 hour interval the plugin hadn't appeared to have gone offline or stopped responding in any fashion, and only after I signed out and signed back in, via MirandaNG, did the it retrieve the messages.

I do have KeepStatus set to notify on connection issues and it didn't seem to have notified anything either.

Depending on what it is that might have caused that to happen, perhaps an option to check for unread messages could be added to the protocols' 'Services' menu as well.

Also, if there's still any hidden DB options, a list of those would be appreciated too.

Hi, xaos, I'm glad you like Facebook plugin :)

1) I bet it was messages from people who aren't in your friends list - that messages which are in "Other" folder on Facebook, right? If so, they are not received because Facebook won't inform Miranda about these messages anymore. I guess they want more people to use their paid feature to send messages directly to user's "Inbox" instead of "Other" folder. But it may be also temporary problem (hopefully).

And yes, adding that item into status menu / services might be useful (added to my todo list) :)

2) Hidden options are mentioned in readme, which you can find here (I think they are not downloaded via Plugin Updater):

I suppose I should have mentioned that .. the messages were from a contact on my facebook friends list, and they did appear in my inbox on facebook as unread. They just didn't get picked up by Miranda until after I'd signed the facebook protocol offline then back online.

As for the "Other" folder, they must have changed the filter behavior just recently, as all messages I've received from people not on my friends list have always gone to my inbox on facebook.

<shrug> quirks .. hopefully that's all it was. Otherwise everything else seems to be working properly.

Thanx for the link to the readme, and for considering the suggestion.

Well if it happens only when high bandwidth usage, then it's understandable. Could you capture a Miranda's network log when it happens?

Capturing a log when/if it happens again would be nearly impossible as the timing would have to be perfect for a whole bunch of things that I can't control.


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