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Some contacts do not show avatar
« on: 19 04 2014, 20:21:30 »
Hi all: I have issues with some contact avatars.

I have an avatar. When I open a message to myself, I see my own avatar (good)

When I open a message to my friend, there is a place for an avatar, but she has no avatar set yet, so it is a watermark of a head. (as expected.)

When I open a message to my sister there is no place for her avatar.

I went on to my sisters Aim Express, edited her profile (a new page opened) I set an avatar for her. But, there is still no place for an avatar to show up in her message window.

If I right click her name in the contact list, then select "User Details", I can pick "Avatar" (on the left) and there is a message reading "Contact has no avatar." Clicking the "Update Now" button does nothing.

Why does one message window have a palace for an avatar, and another message window not have a place?
How do I get MirandaNG to get her avatar from the AIM site?

I am not using TabSrmm. I am using the most basic SRMM of the 3 choices when I installed.

If you need more info, please give a little detail as to where I might find that info.

Thanks, Mark.

PS, I am using WinXP (SP3) and Miranda NG v0.94.6