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Managing global statuses
« on: 10 04 2014, 21:15:13 »
If I'm not wrong, Miranda has 10 internal statuses (from 'offline' to 'out to lunch').
However, each protocol is free to associate a Miranda status to one of its local statuses.

What I want to achieve:
Allow the user to associate a global status to a chosen available protocol status.

Is it the right way to do it:
I could achieve this on the old Miranda-IM (
 however this implies a modification in the Miranda exe itself in order to 'hook' status change menu entry

=> is modifying Miranda.exe the only way ? or is there a couple of events/services to reach the same goal ?

Thank for any comments/inputs.

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Re: Managing global statuses
« Reply #1 on: 10 04 2014, 21:36:09 »
There is a plugin called StartupStatus.
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