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Re: Steam protocol
« Reply #555 on: 22 04 2020, 17:39:03 »
is that possible that you add me ( and send me these messages sometimes?
I have no idea why a link is eaten in the third case, cause Steam proto doesn't preprocess it. Do you see the same in the h++ history window, for example?

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Re: Steam protocol
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Sent you an invite.

I have not done a lot of testing when it comes to sending imgur gallery links from Miranda to someone using Steam, or even sending with Miranda to someone else using Miranda over the Steam protocol.

I -think- its more of a problem of Miranda being able to receive the links than being able to send them. It seems like something that Steam is doing isnt being transmitted properly to Miranda in this instance, possibly due to embedding the link on Steam's end. However it is strange that the incorrect (preview image) link is sent most of the time, except very rarely it will display the correct link if the message is formatted in a special way, and at other times it will not show the gallery or the preview link at all if formatted in a different way.

I do not believe that this is a problem with History++ as to the best of my recollection, history capture was displaying what was showing in the chat window (and what was in the netlog._ The problem was that Miranda was just not receiving the original message (likely due to Steam embedding the link on their end as a widget within the client rather than sending the link as text.)

(Someone with more knowledge using something like Wireshark would probably have to examine the incoming message from Steam in more detail as Miranda's netlog does not seem to capture enough useful information about whats going on as far as i can tell.)
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Re: Steam protocol
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@ghazanI've sent you an invite as well, I've got quite some annoying steam protocol issues as well, maybe we can manage to figure out why they are happening.  :)