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Forum rules
« on: 31 03 2014, 17:10:25 »
If you have encountered some problem using Miranda NG:
1. Search the forum – your problem might have been discussed already.

2. Try to update the core and all your plugins with the help of PluginUpdater (see the howto here) – this often solves problems automatically. Mind that questions about old Miranda NG versions are likely to be left without answer. Questions about Miranda IM won't be answered either – sorry, we do not develop it anymore nor support its users.

3. Some recommendations:
  • Make sure you have no 64-bit plugins in a 32-bit Miranda installation and vice versa; if the core is 32-bit ALL your plugins must be 32-bit as well (the same goes  for 64-bit core).
  • If you use a nightly (development version, latest build), make sure that all your plugins are also of the latest build (use PluginUpdater's "Check for updates" main menu item).
  • Before you post it is advisable that you should check your database with DbChecker.

4. If you had no luck on stages 1-3, start a new thread:
  • In the relevant forum section.
  • Supply it with a clear title (it is better when the title gives an idea about the issue).
  • When describing the problem give as many details as you can; screenshots are welcome.

5. It is highly desirable that you provide your VersionInfo. If you have CrashDumper installed, use "Version Information -> Copy to clipboard" in the main menu.
  • please Do not modify the report; your OS type, IE version or Miranda paths might also be helpful.
  • Add VersionInfo to your post using Spoiler tag. CrashDumper generates report with this tag. Please do not remove it.

    Version Information report here
Code: [Select]
[spoiler=VersionInfo]Version Information report here[/spoiler]
6. Crashes and connectivity issues:
  • If Miranda crashes (hangs up) provide crash report; please take your time to create a useful one, crash reports without debug symbols will be ignored.
  • If you are experiencing connectivity issues provide network log (netlog).

7. If a report or netlog is too long to be included into your message, upload it e.g., to and give a link in the forum.

Common mistakes (try to avoid them):
  • Meaningless titles like "Help me", "A problem with Miranda", etc. Those titles will be corrected to more suitable (in moderator's opinion).
  • Providing Miranda pack name instead of VersionInfo. It is not enough, you will be asked for your VersionInfo anyway; Miranda pack name doesn't give any information about plugins you have.
  • Flood, spam, flame and advertizing in all their forms are not acceptible and will be deleted.
Пожалуйста, внимательно прочтите правила постинга перед тем, как открыть новую тему.
Please read forum rules.