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--- Quote from: caejr on 25 11 2014, 18:57:09 ---How to use the langpack tool ?

--- End quote ---
you can take a look here, I hope it will answer your question, otherwise feel free to ask :)

HI! =)
thanks for developing Miranda ! :)

I am new I know but maybe you could change the translation system to this would help you since you could drop developing this tool also since you have an GitHub( you could easily integrate it and since miranda is open source you wouldn't have any costs

so my 2 cents :)


--- Quote from: Velociraptor on 21 02 2016, 18:50:22 ---this would help you since you could drop developing this tool
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Just to note, this tool is not needed at all. For example I am working on langpack in simple text editor and I believe it is much more productive (with combination with svn/git versioning) than it would be for me on Transifex.

But as usual, everyone is different so even Transifex might be good for someone or for some particular langpack languages :-)


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