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Title: Time of messages
Post by: the Dark Lord on 30 12 2018, 02:30:29
I'm sorry if it is somewhere here already... I tried ti find it without success.

My computer has a problem with time sync so the time isnt correct (the thing is just few weeks before retirement) and I notticed the incoming message has a time of a sender, while outcoming messages have my time. In the comunication window it does nothing. The messages are appearing in the order they are coming.
But in the history they are sortedy by the recorded time. The two minutes difference makes answeres coming before the questions. The history is incomprehensible.

The history before the change of the protocol... history made in NG is fine. No problem in there.
The history after update has my messages two minutes later and they are (in recorded history) out of the correct order.
I already changed the time in my computer to be right, but just in case... for the future...

Question #1: Where can I force my Miranda to record both incoming and outcoming messages by my local time?

Question #2: Can I modify the history and correct the time of the messages? Where and how?
Title: Re: Time of messages
Post by: ghazan on 10 01 2019, 20:26:20
2) in history++ perhaps

btw, which protocol are you talking about?
Title: Re: Time of messages
Post by: AnrDaemon on 11 01 2019, 19:47:01
Replace your CMOS battery and fix your time synchronization settings.
This has nothing to do with Miranda.
Title: Re: Time of messages
Post by: the Dark Lord on 28 01 2019, 00:27:51
I am talking about ICQ protocol....

I know it is not problem of Miranda... I just thought there is somewhere option to force to incomin messages MY local time to avopid those confusion for ever. The question #1 is question if there is this kind of option and where...

I do not know what is CMOS batery... my notebook is dying and any atempt to make it synchronise via internet failed... I opened the settings, marked the synchronisation... and it told me the synchronisation was unsuccesfull.

I have History++ plugin but I don't know how to edit th messages, to change their time... I didn't find any "edit" thing in my history...
Title: Re: Time of messages
Post by: AnrDaemon on 29 01 2019, 15:58:08
If you have issues with your hardware, resolve them first.
You can't seriously expect a program work reliable on failing system.