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Title: SQLite database driver
Post by: unsane on 08 10 2018, 18:03:13
This topic is dedicated to SQLite database driver development and beta-testing.
Title: Re: SQLite database driver
Post by: Vulpix on 20 10 2018, 06:18:49
I had a chance to test the early versions and they woked for the most part, but they were not usable. Even on a ramdisk they just took hours to import history and simply weren't feasible.

I'm pleased to say this is no longer the case and the plugin seems to be performing admirably.

I intend to do more testing starting today, possibly switching to it if I encounter no other issues.

I have also verified I can simply plop it into any sqlite client and open the db that way, which is excellent.

Great job thus far @Unsane!