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Title: ListeningTo
Post by: ponsukeen on 05 10 2018, 06:12:06
I have a little problem with ListengTo plugin. It doesn't recognize Media Player 12 on Windows 10 for me, also I wanted to ask if there's some variable like %winampstate% and %winampsong% also for Windows Mediaplayer which would make it possible to read out both winamp and WMP 10 on Windows 10 in Miranda NG? If it doesn't exist yet, maybe someone could create a variable like this ... I tried Winamp Track as well, but when I use %wndtext% it show only "Windows Media Player".


Title: Re: ListeningTo
Post by: ghazan on 12 10 2018, 18:21:01
so with WMP 10 it does work ok?

PS: yes, WMP 12 is a completely different application... it won't work this way