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Title: I'm leaving Miranda NG
Post by: Robyer on 10 12 2017, 15:09:13
Hi everyone,

as I mentioned on Github already, today I'm leaving Miranda NG. There are few reasons, but main reason is I wasn't using Miranda for nearly 2 years now, and so working on Miranda wasn't directly related to my own needs anymore. I stopped using so many protocols and stuck only with Facebook where nearly all of my friends are. For that I used FB panel in Opera which was really convenient and fast, and with more modern features than in Miranda. So Miranda stopped fulfilling my needs and I was supporting/fixing it just out of "habit". But it was bit complicated for me as I'm developing Android apps in Java for last 3-4 years, and C++ never was my favorite language. So that's basically why I'm leaving after all these years with FB plugin and Miranda IM/NG.

Because I was maintaining many things here and I wanted to have "clean exit", I list them here so someone can replace my place on them:

1) Maintaining Czech langpack - I hope someone will continue with it, but even without maintaining it it's pretty complete and shouldn't be deprecated anytime soon. And I know there are many czech users that wouldn't use Miranda without czech langpack.
2) Moderating Czech subforum - I guess we should remove the subforum s there wasn't no questions lately anyway.
3) Developing website - I released whole current sources publicly to Github - https://github.com/miranda-ng/website It's written in PHP and using Nette framework.
4) Facebook smileypack - long time ago I created full facebook emojis smileyback with help of my old script that I released here - it somehow download's all smileys images from Facebook website and creates a msl smileypack from it. It might be usable as FB is adding new smileys from time to time. But it may not work anymore, I haven't tested it, it was just internal helper for me - https://github.com/miranda-ng/facebook-emojis-downloader
5) Facebook protocol - there are various broken things currently (not loading offline messages, group chats, newsfeeds, message attachments....) as reported on Github. I commited some WIP changes to github for inspiration where in source code it must be fixed and how - see my comment https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/1036#issuecomment-350540003 . I've heard from two people that might try to fix it (Goraf and one czech guy), so hopefully someone will be supporting/fixing FB protocol instead of me from now on.
6) Other plugins and protocols - I hope there will be someone for maintaining Steam, Omegle, Dummy and other plugins that I used to support.
7) UserVoice - account of miranda-ng.uservoice.com web will be transfered to ghazan.
8) Miranda RobyerPack - last version of my Miranda pack is already a few years old and I won't be updating it anymore, but it should be still usable (especially with auto update of Miranda NG). Soon I'll remove my website ( http://www.robyer.cz/miranda-ng/robyer-pack/ ), so I moved installer to Miranda NG website and updated link from Wiki ( https://wiki.miranda-ng.org/index.php?title=Packs_(en)/Miranda_NG_Robyer_Pack )

Allright, that's all I guess. I'm still available on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/robyer) if anyone will need to contact me.

I wish Miranda NG good future and many new contributors and users. Also I wish nice holidays and happy new year for everyone here :-)

Goodbye, Miranda. It's been great 7 years! :'-)
Title: Re: I'm leaving Miranda NG
Post by: dartraiden on 12 12 2017, 14:28:51
OK, Czech sub-forum moved to read-only mode.

Thanks for your work and good luck!
Title: Re: I'm leaving Miranda NG
Post by: Vulpix on 12 12 2017, 21:33:12
So long, and thanks for all the fish! :)
Title: Re: I'm leaving Miranda NG
Post by: SpinalBlood on 29 03 2018, 00:18:58
I just saw this topic today. Thanks for the work you did until now