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Title: Tabbed Session Problem
Post by: fiction on 29 08 2017, 00:46:03

I prefer to use different container tab settings for different accounts. (Each account is simple, one contact group each.) Meaning that, for example, my gchat opens each message session in a new window, but IRC uses a single window with tabs for multiple sessions, etc.

However, currently all accounts show up as tabbed, with only 1 window per account (1 window per contact group). How can I fix this and obtain my desired behavior?

I am not 100% sure if this is possible in Miranda NG. I know it was possible in Miranda IM.

Thank you.
Title: Re:Tabbed Session Problem
Post by: Robyer on 30 08 2017, 16:12:33
If you use TabSRMM then you can set such behavior it in Options / Message sessions / tab Containers. It should be same as in Miranda IM. But if it doesn't work, it may have been broken in latest stable (as messaging windows were internally greatly reworked).