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Title: Group chat help
Post by: Cool Javelin on 11 08 2015, 21:19:07

I have been attempting to get a group chat going, but I am somewhat confused.

First, what is a group chat?
From the user end, I think it is a single window whereby I type and my buddies (in the group) all see the text, and when one of my buddies types, I, and all others, see that response.

But, how does it work?

Is there some fictitious buddy out there somewhere (in AIM for instance a buddy called Buddy3445 for example,) and we all put that buddy in out buddy list then AIM handles the distribution of messages?
Does the buddy live forever, or is it dynamically created and destroyed?
is the buddy simply multiple single connections from me to many buddies, and Miranda handles the duplication of my typing, and combining their messages into one window?
How do I join or create a group chat?

I am using the standard TabbSRMM that comes with 0.95.4, but I have disabled skins. Do I need the skin? I hate the skin.

Searching the WIKI (Miranda and TabSRMM) and most other info I can find tells me what the features do, but not how to do them. I can change the settings, but some basic info is left out of the wikis.

Thanks for your help. Mark.
Title: Re: Group chat help
Post by: AnrDaemon on 13 08 2015, 02:41:15
The definition of "Group chat" vary depends on protocol. I.e. IRC is inherently "group", other protocols may have special functionality to create chat rooms, or a complete lack thereof.
Said that, it is necessary to know, if your "for instance" AIM is actually your protocol of choice, or you picked it at random?
Title: Re: Group chat help
Post by: Cool Javelin on 21 08 2015, 21:29:35
AnrDaemon, thanks for helping.

I am using AIM for two reasons:

One, it seems to be the most reliable, the others seem to kinda come and go, mostly OK, but...
Two, most of the buddies with whom I wish to group chat with are using AIM.

I do have a little control over the protocols they use, should we switch?

So, yes, I prefer to do group chats using AIM if I can, How do I start/join a group?

If forced to, what protocol do you recommend? I would like the groups to be invitation only, that is not just have anyone listen in. How do I start/join a group?

Thanks, Mark.
Title: Re: Group chat help
Post by: AnrDaemon on 21 08 2015, 22:05:58
If you can switch, XMPP(Jabber) and its conferences will be a go-to solution.
Title: Re: Group chat help
Post by: Robyer on 22 08 2015, 06:50:36
Needs to say that XMPP has conference rooms on/via the server. Sure, they can be password protected, but still it's maybe not what OP wanted.