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Title: IEView issue - Animated emoticons stop.
Post by: Myshor on 25 05 2015, 20:23:41
I found some strange issue... Happens only if I use IEView for messages.

- When I have empty conversation and I start it with emoticon used then the emo animation works ok.
- Then I close the message window.
- Got some reply (little bit of history is displayed in the window).
- Look in the history and...

Emoticons are still - no animation.

Checked what is related to that - unchecked using IEView for the message window and emoticons are animated again.
Check the option to use IE and they are still again.

To be sure - IE shows animation without any problem.

And it's not system related. Same issue when I use Miranda at home with windows 7 and when I use it in work with windows 8.1.

Version info always added (check the button for it) :)