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Title: Winterspeak
Post by: Dimsok on 09 01 2015, 11:33:13
It's a good plugin. but i would like to see feature as in plugin for miranda-im (msg2speech), which make possible to add different acapella's voices per contact. Then i could to set female tts engine for female contacts and male for male contacts, english for engleish speaking persons and russian for russian peoples. That willl be better if i will listen how Acapella Alyona reads on english

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For now it doesn't usable (for me). I did try to set Acapella Alyona, and it doesn't say messages with cyrillic. ATT Mike speaks on english
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: blubbfish on 10 02 2015, 15:26:04
Thats seems to be easy. ATM you can only use SAPI Voices.
But i can make a a lookup for the selected voice per contact base and not only global. So when a contact has another Voice engine present then it will takes that and not the global one.

My problem is now how i will redesign the config dialog for that?
Any suggestions?

PS: At this moment i had no time left for making this improvements to the plugin, so please don't be hurry :)
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: Dimsok on 10 02 2015, 15:32:44
What about problem of transferring cyrillyc symbols to voice? As i said. russian speach engine doesn't say anything. We can wait a couple of years. don't worry
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: blubbfish on 10 02 2015, 15:55:00
Nothing, but the SAPI voice engine that is used its very simple.

You only call a function speak("Blabla") and then it comes with the current settings out of your headphones. So if there is a voice for sapi that can spell Cyrillic symbols this will work, if not then you can't spell this with sapi.

This plugin is only a bridge between miranda and the microsoft api for text to speak.

In German the letters äöü make many trouble as well, so if the voice is for english people it will not understand that symbol and you hear funny parts or nothing. Badly i don't know much about the sapi voices itself, so i don't know if there is a solution for your problem.

i saw a plugin that converts Cyrillic symbols into text, maybe we can combine both. So if the other plugin provide an service for converting text, and this plugin detects that the other plugin is present, then all text will be converted before it will gave to sapi.
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: Dimsok on 10 02 2015, 16:00:32
I mean in miranda-im i have 2 plugins for tts, and both make speak out russian text with acapella Alyona
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: Awkward on 10 02 2015, 17:13:43
WinterSpeak is not so good. Pescuma's IM plugin was much more universal. But it not translated to NG (at least, nobody to do it)
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: Dimsok on 10 02 2015, 20:00:52
That one which could read out loud in history too? For messages i used msg2speach in which i like ability to set different acapella's voice per contact and some other options. Something wrong with winterspeak. Also it's winter now, doesn't speak...
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: Dimsok on 15 08 2015, 07:14:13
I see it's update sometimes, and when acapella alyona works for russian i have "list to do" for developers: make option to insert custom message before message text (what it say after contact's name and text of message? says? with russian voice hard to find out) and option completely remove name of contact, just message text to prononciate. 2. Make option to insert pause interval between contact's name and message text 3. I  For me options "ignore message if dialog opened/focused dont work, every when i'm on message window, still prononciate it, Fix it. 4. And the very very - to realize somehow voice engine per contact. To setting up russian voice for rus contacts, eng for eng speaking etc
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: Davis on 16 10 2015, 09:11:00
For me options "ignore message if dialog opened/focused dont work
Fixed now at last!
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: Dimsok on 28 12 2015, 13:58:55
Need exclusion don't speak out http references
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: dr_xadium on 08 03 2017, 21:54:51
Is there a way to change the pronunciation of user names in Winterspeak? The lexicon button in the plugin doesn't work, and trying to change text in  the langpack.txt doesn't work for usernames.
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: SLONOBASS on 12 09 2018, 08:45:51

Hey. Your plugin is good, but one missing detail.
It would be desirable that on subsequent messages from the contact, the name of the contact is not spoken, but only the text of the message. Thank you!
Title: Re: Winterspeak
Post by: phrequency on 09 01 2019, 00:23:02

I've been away from Miranda for quite some time! While I appreciate that there is a plugin for TTS, it really isn't as useful as I would like it to be. With the Facebook protocol, several statuses change at once. I am blind, so it gets crazy trying to listen to two TTS utterances at once.

I wish there were more customization options, similar to MeSpeak. Also, it is difficult to figure out a way to get certain status messages for Facebook only to be ignored.

Could this situation be checked out? Any help would be very much appreciated.