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Title: [Not recommended] Skypekit "fix"
Post by: glabz on 16 09 2014, 08:34:32
For this user who would like to use skype kit

just download file


and replace Miranda\Plugins to new one SkypeKit.exe

for me all work fine ))


also work on Trillian
Title: [Not recommended] Skypekit "fix"
Post by: Vulpix on 16 09 2014, 11:43:49
I don't think it's a good idea, because:

a) It's illegal
b) You risk having your user account banned if microsoft finds out somehow
c) Miranda deprecated the skypekit plugin as it should
d) You are encouraging Microsoft in their crappy treatment of users.

Instead, I think you could try going for a different protocol. Currently, Tox seems to be the most promising.


Quote from: wishmaster
Once again - SkypeKit is dead, period, we will not patch or use someone else certificate that will inevitably lead to account ban sooner or later. Thread is closed.

Title: [Not recommended] Skypekit "fix"
Post by: mida on 16 09 2014, 16:15:41
for my self as only miranda user, i would live with a skype fix like this, i dont like second reason from Vulpix but i will use skypeclassic now and in future because what is with the next skypekit problem?
where would i get support? it should be for future works too and not only for today.
Title: Re: [Not recommended] Skypekit "fix"
Post by: watcher on 16 09 2014, 17:57:40
This solution is NOT recommended by Miranda NG team! Topic is closed.