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Title: G15 Plugin Issue With Sent Messages
Post by: Llewen on 08 07 2014, 23:30:13
I'm having a problem with the Miranda NG G15 plugin port.  I'm also using the metacontacts plugin, and the Facebook plugin, and I am having this problem when I attempt to send a Facebook message to someone I have as a metacontact.  The message gets sent, but it isn't acknowledged by the G15 plugin and I get the error message "Timeout: No response from contact/server"  If anyone has any ideas as to how I could sort this out, I'd be grateful.  I play a lot of full screen games and I am always using the G15 plugin to chat.

Post Merge: 08 07 2014, 23:47:38
This just started with the recent updates.  It was working fine before that.