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Title: modern clist and tool style main window
Post by: skitungen on 24 01 2014, 12:19:02
Greetings all!

Currently I am using modern contact list, but I want the window to be smaller than I can get now.
I want to enable "tool style main window", or a nice skin, that makes it as slimmed as possible. However, everything I've tried always results in me loosing miranda from alt-tab window, as well as the taskbar button-thingi.
I remember there was a plugin to force it back to both alt-tab and taskbar, regardless of settings.

Is there a plugin that can give me back this, even when I enable "tool style main window", or even bordeless/thin border main window?

On the other hand, before I tinker with other clist plugins, I'd like to ask if any of them have such functionality? If so, then I'll try it out.