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Title: The (Vulpix) Bounty List
Post by: Vulpix on 18 04 2017, 16:45:14
I've decided that like sss123, I will have my own bounty post! Because I've posted many bounties and it's starting to get difficult to keep a track on them. The difference of course being that I'm not a coder offering services for money but instead I'm a noob offering money for coding! :D

Newly made bounties are highlighted.

The rules

The list!

$100 tier
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/690 ( [SkypeWeb]: it is often impossible to log in ) - not taken
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/720 ( [Tox] Constant avatar requests from miranda-ng tox users. Other clients unaffected. ) - taken by @unsane. I'm waiting for it to happen again to provide info....
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/608 ( [SkypeWeb]: Irregular chat events are not marked as read) - Not finished, worked on by @Robyer however, half fixed, so $50 sent to Robyer)
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/755 ( [Discord] Impossible to log in for prolonged periods of time via Miranda (clients+site works)  ) - not taken *NEW
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/743 ( [Discord] It is not possible to add a new contact ) -not taken *NEW

$50 tier
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/732 ( [SkypeWeb] Friend requests are not received ) - not taken
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/664 ( [SkypeWeb]: Filetransfer (media only + sending from miranda) is broken ) - not taken
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/705 ( [Discord] System tray icon does not reflect actual status of Discord protocol ) - not taken *NEW
https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/785 ( [Discord] Group chat history is not logged if retrieved on login ) - not taken *NEW

My already paid bounties:


$100+$400 (so, $500) for fixing Tox protocol & implementing new api, paid to @unsane ( http://forum.miranda-ng.org/index.php?topic=2487.msg11273#msg11273 )


$40 for fixing https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/615 , paid to @robyer (http://forum.miranda-ng.org/index.php?topic=4896.msg18365#msg18365)


$40 for fixing https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/609 , paid to @robyer (http://forum.miranda-ng.org/index.php?topic=4896.msg18365#msg18365)
$200 for https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/629 , paid to @ghazan ( https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/629#issuecomment-272423857 )
another $200 for https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/629, paid to @ghazan ( https://github.com/miranda-ng/miranda-ng/issues/629#issuecomment-282561037 )